Zendala Dare #94

The bright owl has returned! Yay! :o) I loved this template and really enjoyed the challenge :o)


The challenge was happy! So I didn’t try to do any specific patterns, I just let myself be happy and draw :o) Rather pleased with the result! :o)

Category: Challenge, Doodle

7 comments on “Zendala Dare #94

  1. drawing and happiness - that's really what it's all about anyway :) your beadlines look great - i love to use those also :)
  2. Love the way that there's almost a Magic Eye illusion going on in there :) Linda x
  3. Nice Zendala. I think you did a great job of using contrasts in heavy vs. light work.
  4. I like this tile a lot. It's very beautiful.
  5. Great work Katherine! There's so much movement in this one - very happy tangles. Axxx
  6. The ones for this "Happy" dare are all really spectacular! I think it's because we all just went with it and happy leads to amazing!
  7. Lovely and crisp, beautiful linework

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