Zendala Dare #93

The diva challenge this week led me to Erin Olson’s blog to find out how to draw Charlie which led me to discover the Zendala Dare weekly challenge! :o)

Erin provides a template to doodle in a Zendala (round) style :o) This is my first attempt at a Zendala! :o)


It was quite a challenge deciding on the patterns. I particularly like the Knot Rickz and the Betweed center :o)

Category: Challenge, Doodle

7 comments on “Zendala Dare #93

  1. Your betweed is beautiful. I thought it was called knot picks though?
    • Thanks :o) Knot Rickz is this one - http://tanglepatterns.com/2013/12/how-to-draw-knot-rickz.html It's in the small diamonds :o)
      • Oh, apparently I did have it written right in my files, I'm just a moron.
  2. very nice, I like what you id in the diamonds!
  3. Lovely Zendala! Bet it's not the last one you do...Axxx
  4. VERY NICE line work! Crisp & clean. Beautiful.
  5. Very nice Zendala. I like the tangles and patterns that you used.

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