Tackle it Tuesday #1

Cheryl over on Artful Creations posted a challenge yesterday, one I hope will become regular :o) This week the Tackle it Tuesday challenge was to create a picture using only tangles which start with ‘a’ :o)


I’ve used Asian Fans, Archer, Arundel, Arrowcheck, Amoeba and Arckles :o)

All but the last are already in the app and I think I’ll need to add Arckles as it’s very pretty :o)

Category: Challenge, Doodle

3 comments on “Tackle it Tuesday #1

  1. I like how it kind of has an A shape in the centre. And I've just been eying up Arkles too! Is that on white paper?
    • I figured what better string than a giant A for the challenge?! :o) That is indeed white paper, my camera just wasn't behaving well tonight! :oS
  2. Katherine, I love your "A" tangles you chose. Hope to see you next week!!! Great job my friend!

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