Tibetan Crest Complete

This project started life as a template designed by Ben Kwok and shared on his Facebook Group, Ornation Creation. With the help of 44 artists from all around the world, we turned it into this:


Thank you to all 42 artists: Achild, adelitab, bluesamina84, Caryl, catluvingirl, ChaosCoyote, Charmarose, Colorglass03, crtail, Delos7911, dlf716, Dynesm, emeres, Flocassam, hilaryshaw1, isthisyou, Jayna309, jellydoodle, Jodaleeb, Joyjoy, katdyd, Katherine, Laffinggal, Leah, Lexy, mbyers02, MichelleOdon, MNK, mysteryautum, Rosebocker, RTMP, SaltyPeanut, Sammysue, Shawnanna, Shellbart, Silzy, SnadraD, Solvejen, Strnjbrd, suttonabc, Suzanne2015, TheSieve, Trilbycole, Wren

If you would like to own a copy of the finished artwork you can order prints and fabulous merchandise from App Store to grab Doodling Together! :o)

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