The Letter A Complete!

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The second project in Doodling Together was a letter A and the last square was finished this evening! :o)


Over 30 people joined in with this project! :o) Some people only did 1 square, most completed between 2 and 6, whilst one person managed 17! Wow! :o)

Well done to…

amflood, antonia, Artfulmimi, Ashocon26, beebarose, Bubblyfish, BudsMom, butl3602, Carolinefm, Charmarose, Charocon29, CPW, ELMStocker, Heps, Hnamken, Jazz, Jolager, JTC, Kaprice, Katherine, Lucy, magdalena76t, Mechelle, Minew90, Mongolka, prissclark, Rimamariah, RTDice, Sbuchspics, Sjmelle, Susieq1982, Wigwagwiggy and WriterRev

your drawings have all come together beautifully! :o)

If your name happens to begin with an A, or you just think the final artwork is awesome like I do, you can order prints and merchandise over on Society6 :o)

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