Tackle It Tuesday #8

This week the challenge from Cheryl is to use tangles beginning with H! :o)


What a lot of H tangles! Huggins, holibaugh, hibred, hepmee, hi-cs, hurry, hoody, holly, Hayley’s hearts, hekzee, heart strings, heart rope, half onions and hako. 14 different patterns! Lots of new ones and some old favourites too :o)

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5 comments on “Tackle It Tuesday #8

  1. What's the one in the H? You do it so well!
    • That's huggins :o) It's one of my favourites! :o) Although also the one I was told I've drawn wrong in Doodle Patterns! ;o)
  2. Wow, that's a lot of H tangles - maybe it's ALL of them! Looks great - well done! Axxx
    • Amazingly not all the H tangles I have in my folder full of patterns! :o) There's so many patterns out there! :o)
  3. I really like the way yours turned out! So nice and crisp!

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