Society6 Merchandise!

At the end of a Doodling Together project I spend some time editing the image to ensure a striking black and white image. Then I upload the highest quality copy I have to Society6 so we can all buy cool stuff! :o)

Society6 sell a range of products with your own design on them including art prints, mugs, clocks, tote bags, rugs and shower curtains! :o) Obviously I didn’t want to recommend them without trying them out first, to be sure that the products we’re making are good quality :o)

I used the top 5×5 square of Doodling Together #1 as the test print and ordered a nice selection of items :o)

Let’s start with the art print as that’s what I expect most people to be interested in…


This isn’t the frame you can order them with, just one we found which would fit :o) The print is really clear and the paper very white. We ordered the SMALL print which is 11×11 inches with a 1 inch border around. The X-LARGE is over twice that size so you could have the whole image with squares the same size as this print – which gives great detail. I suspect even the complete 10×10 image would look amazing on the SMALL print :o) I’m sure I’ll be finding out soon! ;o)

The next item I want to talk about is the tote bag :o) As this is an item which is both pretty to look at and functionally useful :o)

The print goes completely edge to edge and is repeated on the back. You lose a little of the very edge of the image due to the seams, but it’s only a little :o) The print isn’t quite as vivid on this material – but it still looks great! The bag is made of thick material, well sewn and looks like it will withstand a lot of use :o) I can’t wait to take mine shopping!

The cushion cover is very similar except that the material seems to start off a bit whiter which gives a brighter print :o) You again lose a little at the edge to the seams, but it does mean complete coverage which is worth a little loss :o)

This is their 20×20 Indoor cover and it looks great on our sofa! :o)

The other items we ordered don’t use a square image which is a bit of a shame with the shape of our projects, but we might do some special shaped projects in the future! ;o)

The mug is, as you might expect, mug shaped :o) The print on our first one came a bit smudged in one place, but we have a second one on the way so hopefully it was just an error on their part. They were very quick to agree the replacement! Other than the smudge it looks fab! :o)

The final item is probably my favourite :o) We ordered a rug! It’s not a thick soft fluffy rug, more like an extra thick tea towel type material. We ordered the smallest size which is still pretty large.

It looks amazing and has found a home in our bathroom :o) It’s even kitty approved! ;o)

With all these wonderful copies of the image around the house I find I’m spotting more and more of the different patterns as I’m looking at it! :o) The products all came out really well and I’ve been very impressed with their customer service too!

If you decide to order something from one of the projects I’d love to see photos! Particularly if it’s an item I haven’t yet bought! :o)

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2 comments on “Society6 Merchandise!

  1. I want to know,any of the canvas can u color on them
    • I've never drawn on any canvas' but I would imagine it's possible!

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