Rixty Exploration

I was doodling whilst we played boardgames last night and this appeared :o)


Apparently I had remembered the pattern from the latest newsletter from Rick & Maria :o)

As they didn’t share their step outs in the email I thought I’d share mine here. Along with some explorations of variations :o)


I’m looking forward to seeing their directions for the tangle. I have no idea whether they will be the same or different to mine :o)

I could be using this post to highlight the nonsense of copyright issues surrounding tangle patterns, but I don’t want to cause any arguments on my blog :o) So I shall refrain and just share my drawings :o)

Update: I’ve share this for the Diva Challenge #163 :o) Hello to everyone coming here from there :o)

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18 comments on “Rixty Exploration

  1. I had also seen it and wondered how it might be constructed, this looks a very viable explanation. I will enjoy trying it out!
  2. Thanks!
  3. Looks great to me and looks like you a pretty awesome job of figuring it out!
    • Thank you :o) I was impressed at how similar my step outs were to theirs :o)
  4. Nice spooking in the middle!
  5. Lovely tile! I like your way of using Rixty here!
  6. So your step-outs are a bit different. I think sometimes our own way works better anyway. You did a very nice tile with Rixty.
  7. I misread your title at first as "Rixty explosion" and I see that your exploration is almost an explosion. I could see this animated with the arms slowly swaying around.
    • Hehe :o) Explosion would have been a good title too! :o)
  8. Very nice , and thank you for the info i learnt a lot thanks
  9. Your way of tangling this is maybe easier, I like it. Thanks for sharing.
  10. I like your idea of using shapes other than the triangles. For some reason that is really resonating with me and getting me unstuck for this weeks' Diva challenge. Thanks!
    • Yay! :o) Looking forward to seeing yours :o)
  11. I see that you got the step out correct since they just came out with theirs in the Zentangle Newsletter. Good job.
  12. I typed my website wrong here in your form. I corrected it now so, if you are so inclined to do so, come visit my page. Thank you.
  13. This makes me think of some underwater seascape! It's really nice!
  14. Really beautiful! It seems like you had a lot of fun, too!
  15. I searched for a way to email you directly because I understand not wanting to open up the copyright issue, but I am wondering if you would email me directly? I have been searching internet to try to understand regarding patterns and other art related issues ( stamping and collage). I have not been able to find anything regarding patterns. I think copying directly is copying art perhaps, but what if you draw your own step outs for same finished design? thanks I'd like to know what you were referring to, and learn what you know about this subject:)

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