Ornation Creation #38 – Broadbill

This week the template from Ben Kwok is a beautiful Silver Breasted Broadbill. I let the random button in Doodle Organizer do most of the pattern choosing for me :o)


I really like how this turned out :o) I love how Ben’s templates make it look like I can draw ;o) hehe :o)

Category: Challenge, Doodle

2 comments on “Ornation Creation #38 – Broadbill

  1. Doodle Organizer? Cool! Im new to tangling and love it...I dont have an iPhone, do you know of a similar app for Droids?
    • Hi Debra, I'm afraid I don't know of anything like Doodle Organizer on Android. Doodle Patterns is available on Android though :o) It provides 100 patterns, with steps, and I'm going to keep updating it with more patterns too :o)

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