Name Doodle


This doodle is my name! I had a random moment of inspiration and I just had to draw! :o)

I split the page into 9 sections and then filled each section using a pattern made up from the corresponding letter. It was an interesting challenge trying to make a pattern from just a letter. I particularly like the i bursts :o)

Why not have a go with your name and share your images in the comments? :o)

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2 comments on “Name Doodle

  1. I loved this idea! And I did my own too :-)
  2. I love this idea! When I was learning calligraphy one of our first assignments was to fill a small, hand sewn book with our signature, forming patterns in the way we spaced & layered them... this is way more interesting! (although that was pretty cool, too - I still have it in a box in Australia, somewhere!)

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