There are a lot of amazing websites out there full of great resources – templates, challenges, patterns, beautiful artwork to inspire :o)  So here are some of my favourite places in no particular order!


Here are the challenges I currently take part in each week :o)  If you know of more please do let me know!  I love the feedback from other participants and seeing how differently everyone approaches a task :o)

I am the diva – Laura posts up a new challenge every Monday as you’ve probably noticed from my blog :o)  They’re a great source of inspiration and result in lots of lovely people coming and leaving comments on my drawings :o)

Artful Creations – Cheryl posts up a new challenge every Tuesday which have so far been related to a letter.  Another great prompt for drawing :o)

The Bright Owl – Erin shares a Zendala template each week to complete :o)  Another lovely group of people leave encouraging comments!  Plus, working on a Zendala makes a nice change :o) (Currently not posting weekly, but there’s a huge archive to work through!)

Ornation Creation – Ben shares a template with this Facebook group every Monday for people to complete.  These are amazing and beautiful even before they’re covered in doodles or coloured in :o)  The results posted by everyone are wonderful and all so different :o)

Wacky Zentangle Weekly Challenges – A fairly new Facebook group with a weekly challenge :o) They don’t mind you posting for old challenges which is good if you lose track of the week! :o)

Made By Joey – Joey posts up a new challenge each Monday. Another fairly new challenge but they’ve been very interesting so far :o)


There are many people out there creating and sharing doodle patterns.  Whether they call them tangles, line weaving, doodles, or patterns, they are all wonderful :o)  Some of them you will recognise from the Doodle Patterns app as  I try my best to match names to those already in common usage :o)

Tangle Patterns – If you’re looking for a pattern this website is a great resource! Linda has gathered together patterns from all over the web and provides her own personal thumbnail, a nice description, and then a link through to the pattern steps.

Freehand Doodle Patterns – This is a great Flickr group with an ever growing pool of patterns to look through – over 1,000 last time I checked! Wow! :o)

Zentangle – Rick and Maria often share new patterns on their blog.  This is usually where you’ll find instructions for the official Zentangle patterns.

Pattern Reference List – all of the patterns used in Doodle Patterns with a link to the person who gave them the name where possible.


Many of these blogs include patterns as well as amazing finished drawings.  I’m sure any one of them could provide you with hours of reading and new patterns to play with! :o)

Beez in the Belfrey – Sandy shares a new pattern each week on her blog and is also the artist behind the only other doodle patterns related app on iPhone – Tangle Library! :o)

Dropstitch Knitter – Christianne not only doodles, she knits too! :o)  Her pattern, archer, is one of my favourite! :o)

Katydid’s Tangled World – Kathy is a CZT in New York who has shared a number of patterns including lauren and usually joins in with the Diva Challenge :o)

Laralinia – Lara often joins in with the Diva Challenge and shares a number of patterns on her blog :o)

Precious Worker – Anne often joins in the Zendala challenges and has shared some patterns including camelia :o)

Random Ramblings – Colette takes part in a lot of drawing challenges as well as posting about her other crafty interests including writing, crochet and cross-stitch.

Suzanne McNeill – Suzanne often shares a little pattern at the end of her blog posts.  I particularly like asian fans :o)

Tangle Tangle Tangle – Penny was one of the artists who co-authored the first Zentangle book I owned :o)  You will noticed one of the patterns in my app is named Raile, her last name, as the pattern was in her drawings in the book and I’ve never seen it anywhere else but I love it! :o)

Perfectly4med – Neil shares over 100 patterns on his blog! Although there aren’t many tangle related posts at present, it’s all still very creative! :o)

Rainbow Elephant – Cindy coined the phrase “line weaving” for this doodling we all do, which I think is lovely :o) She’s shared a lot of patterns and after a long absence is back to blogging too! Yay! :o)

Poppie’s Pen Pics – Lila often posts up new patterns on her blog along with lots of lovely artwork to enjoy! :o)


If you would like your page to appear on this list then please do let me know! :o)  I will try to update it as I find more fabulous websites :o)

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  1. Thanks for this page... there are a couple on here I haven't been doing! Time to change that. I'm going to be hosting a 30 day one starting soon, I hope you'll consider posting it.. and participating!
    • I am sorry. I have been trying to figure out how I can redo my last Square. I was afraid to do the other ones without learning for why he came up black. I think my picture in my photos can I upload them?
  2. New to this site, but I totally love the idea! I am so looking forward to being a part of all this . I did not upload my first picture the right way, I'm trying to figure out if I can redo it somehow? Could get the right picture up.,And I also don't want to do it again on the next one. I give thanks to the person who designed the site ! I think everybody should fund this, who love to doodle and be creative .

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