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This post might become a little technical, just to warn you :o)

The Doodle Patterns app was 42 meg when I released it and has already grown in size with the new patterns. Each new pattern increases this size rather more than I’d like. At the current rate my desire to have hundreds of patterns is just unfeasible! I doubt many of you want to fill your devices just with patterns! :o)

Well, maybe some of you wouldn’t mind too much! But if it gets much bigger new users might be a bit wary of installing, and I don’t want that!

Chris spent some time this morning playing with file formats for me to see what could be done. By passing my drawings through a program that turns them into vectors they get cleaner and can be saved to a much smaller file size!

before after

I don’t think it spoils the hand drawn look too much and it reduces the files size considerably! More than 75% smaller in many cases! :o)

It will also enable me to standardise the colour used to show the new step.  I started with orange, but then lost my orange pen.  I tried purple for a while but it tends to scan a little dark.  I think I like the new blue the best :o)  Using this method I’ll be able to recolour them all to match :o)


So the next update to Doodle Patterns can contain more patterns, be consistently coloured and yet take up less space on your device! How cool is that?!? :o)

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