Gallery Photos #5

Wow! I’ve just checked the numbers and apparently there have been 50 photos shared since I did my last Gallery Photos post! :o) What a lot of beautiful drawings I have to share with you today! :o)

Tap on any of the photos to see a larger version :o) I recognised some in there from Jo and Colette. I also had a lovely message from Karen to say that 2 of them were by her 8 & 9 year old granddaughters! :o) I wonder if you can spot them? :o)

If any of them are your drawings and you’d like a mention here just leave a comment :o) I would love to get to know more of the wonderful artists using my app! :o)

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2 comments on “Gallery Photos #5

  1. Wow, haven't we all been busy! Beautiful to see!
  2. All beautiful work! My first watercolor attempt. So much fun! Watercolor A

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