Gallery Photos #3

Wow! What a lot of lovely photos keep appearing in the app! Faster than I can make these posts! :o)

Lovely exploding circles of pattern!

This looks like a crazy machine to me! I wonder what it does! :o)

I love the lacing on this! “Someone laced the moon!” I exclaimed! :o)

A lovely Blooming Butter :o)

I’m always excited to see colour – those clouds are awesome!

Lovely overlapping circles!

A doodle tree! I keep meaning to doodle a tree! :o)

I wonder who David is… is it you? :o)

A doodled owl! Bizarrely, this is on my to-doodle list after our last trip to Hooters! :o)

A beautiful yin-yang Valentangle! Wow! :o)

Lots of lovely patterns :o)

I love the way the shading makes the borders stand above the patterns! :o)

Another doodled owl! Yay! :o)

These next 4 have been uploaded by my friend Colette, who I’m sure will appreciate me spotting them from her signature! :o) You can read more about her doodling and other crafty endeavours over on her blog.

Do you have a signature you always add to your artwork? I’m considering that I might need to create one but I’m not sure I’d ever remember to add it until after I’d filled the entire page! :o)

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3 comments on “Gallery Photos #3

  1. What a lot of lovely patterns :)
  2. Yay! Sometimes I need to add my signature into the pattern. If you look at some of my earlier pieces it's hidden at an edge somewhere.
  3. Really enjoyed tackling Blooming Butter! It allows a plethora of designs but the stem borders stop the whole thing looking too crazily busy!

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