Gallery Photos #2

It’s time for another batch of lovely photos from the Doodle Patterns gallery! :o)

These are all really beautiful :o)  I love the heart on red paper – I’ve just bought some gold & silver pens and some black cards to try something similar :o)

As I said last time, if these are your drawings just leave me a comment below and I’ll put your name on here and link through to your blog if you’d like :o)  I did have a quick glance around to see if I could find any of you from your signatures but I haven’t had much luck so far.  I’d love to know who you all are! :o)

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5 comments on “Gallery Photos #2

  1. Wonderful! I still haven't gotten around to putting any of mine on the app - I shall go and do it now! I love seeing how different people interpret the very same tangles. Wavy Hollibaugh in the top there! Who'da thunk?
    • I'm not very good at straight lines so my Hollibaugh is usually curved, but never quite that wavy, it looks great :o) It's lovely seeing all the variation in ways to draw the same tangles, so much inspiration! :o)
  2. I'm new to this tangling lark, but have become addicted immediately. Loving the inspiration from this app and website. Will post my attempt at bloomingbutter later.
    • I'm really pleased to hear that you're enjoying the app :o) I look forward to seeing your Blooming Butter later :o) I haven't had chance to doodle anything today as I've been busy drawing out more pattern steps for the next update! :o)
    • Lovely Blooming Butter you've just uploaded! :o) Also, ah hah! It's you! Drawer of that batch of 5 images which all came together with the same signature! :o) Your drawings are great! :o) Do you have a blog or somewhere you'd like linking to under your photos when I share them on here? :o)

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