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  1. I was hoping to see this! It's been so many years since I've seen envelopes with doodles on it! I used to doodle the envelopes as well as around writing paper in the late 60's to perhaps the mid 90's. I stopped doing that because no one (perhaps LESS than a half percent of the world's population) writes. That's just in my own opinion. I could easily be mistaken. However, I almost forgot that there is indeed 1 very special friend whom I will do such art for because she herself doodles as well. Art-mail is sadly as well as most unfortunately something that's so-very-RARELY done anymore these days. I'm old fashioned in the sense that I still believe in writing a letter... To me, it means a lot. When I write/doodle for others, all thoughts are focused on that special individual. :-) Doodling as well as writing is really a wonderful, meditative, spiritual, and uplifting thing to do for the mind and the soul! All of my envelopes as well as writing paper have been given away LONG-LONG before Doodling or Zen-Tangling came around. If I had them, I'd share it with you in a heartbeat! Wouldn't it be just awesome if art mail was once more, revived?!!! (I sincerely hope this shows up. I do not understand for the very dear life of me how to write this in HTML code, etc.)

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