Gallery Photos #1

If you’ve been using the latest version of the Doodle Patterns app you’ll have noticed a new icon in the top left :o) If you’ve tapped it you will have seen some pretty images to help provide inspiration! :o)

Obviously when it went live all of the drawings were mine. Since then I’ve seen new images come in and they’re all so pretty I thought I’d share them here! :o)







These three are all by Berit Christensen :o)




What a lovely selection of drawings :o) If any of these are yours please do leave a comment below and I’ll add your name next to them! :o)

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4 comments on “Gallery Photos #1

  1. They're so pretty! I should share some of mine.
    • You should! :o) I'll be posting up more as soon as I have another page full :o)
  2. hi there. I made 3 of the pictures. - that with the elephant, and one with the three dogs, and the one with the 3 blue birds. and thanks for a cool app, it's very useful.
    • I love the elephant! Particularly that fabulous tree! :o) I honestly hadn't spotted 2 of the 3 dogs in that picture - I can see them now :o) Sneaky doggies! I'm really glad you're finding the app useful :o)

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