Get the Apps!

Doodle Patterns is available on both iOS and Android!

Over 100 patterns complete with steps in your pocket wherever you are! Extra patterns available in Packs!


Doodling Together is available on iOS!

Take part in a giant collaborative art project! It’s so easy to get involved: claim a square, doodle it, then upload a photo! :o)

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Doodle Organizer is available on iOS!

Keep your personal pattern library in your pocket with the app. Add tags to be able to filter them to find just the pattern you need at any moment!

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22 comments on “Get the Apps!

  1. How often do you post new tangle patterns?
    • The app started with about 60 patterns, and has had 2 updates since to get it up to 100 patterns :) I will be doing more updates with more patterns soon :) I've got 8 more drawn but I ran out of paper to print my templates on! Hopefully it won't be too long before I have enough to do the next update :)
      • Something's wrong with my app when I restore purchase none of the three packs I bought download. PS--BEST App for tangles anywhere!
  2. Very happy to have found your apps ! New to tangling thanks for the helpful resources.
    • I'm really pleased you like the apps! :o) I hope you'll come and join in on Doodling Together - it's a lot of fun! We have some new tanglers and some very experienced and the variety is just lovely! :o)
  3. Are the ones that are just for iPhone going to be for android too? As you know we only have one app and I'd really like the organizer one! Thanks :)
    • Hi Mary :o) The others are only on iPhone at present and likely to stay that way. I'm not really an Android developer and Doodle Organizer needs the camera which I don't know how to do! :o( Doodling Together may well get a web version in the future if it does well on iPhone so that more people can join in without me having to work out the camera things! :o)
  4. Hi, I just purchased your app and want to get the add on pack but cannot figure out how to do this from within your app. Please advise! Grat job and can't wait to get started doodling. TIA Lynne
    • Hi Lynne, The add on pack is only available on iOS at present. If you're using iOS then tapping on one of the patterns which says "Pack 1" on it will take you to the details screen and give you a Buy button to press to purchase :o) If you can't see any with that on, then you might need to change the filtering. Hope that helps :o)
  5. Thank you. Your suggestion worked perfectly!
  6. I'm all for the ease of the app, but has a lot more patterns for free.
    • Hi Yvonne :o) There are lots of lovely patterns over on TanglePatterns and I use the website myself when I'm near a computer. I made the app because that site, and many others, aren't very mobile friendly, and obviously all require you to have internet. Often I'm doodling when I don't have good phone signal and having the patterns available offline and formatted for my phone screen makes drawing them much easier :o)
  7. Love the app. Would love to see an option to trace the patterns, like a draw layer on top to practice with. Or possible an export function to be brought into another program. I know most people are using paper drawings, but I like to doodle with some of the ipad drawing apps like paper 53. Just a thought, appreciate all you've done so far with this :) Deborah
    • Hi Deborah, if the app you're using to draw will allow you to load in a photo then you could take a screenshot of the pattern in Doodle Patterns and then use that to trace over? To take a screenshot you need to press the Home and Power buttons at the same time :o)
  8. Is this combined doodle artwork just for iphones and such, because I do everything on paper and then scan to my computer. If I have misunderstood how all this is done, please let me know, thank you
    • Hi Sandra, I do everything on paper too! :o) Doodle Patterns provides step-by-step instructions in the app to show you how to draw lots of patterns. Doodling Together is a collaborative art project where you print out a square, doodle it, and then take a photo to put it back in the project. I know some people work on computer/iPad to do the drawing, but most of us are working on paper :o)
  9. Hi, I am so excited about the doodle apps. I bought them all! I do have a question that I haven't found an answer for. I have two iPads and an iPhone, all of which will hold the app. I also have a pretty big collection of patterns that I want to upload into the available data base. How do I sync all three devices with the app so I only have to enter the data once? Thanks for your help with this. Sincerely, Megan S
    • Hi Megan, To sync your patterns in Doodle Organizer between devices you'll need a Dropbox account - Dropbox Signup Then in the copy of Doodle Organiser where you have created all of your patterns, tap on Settings and then on Backup Data. This will likely take a while! It will copy all of your patterns into your Dropbox space. Then on your other devices, go to Settings and Restore Data - this will copy all of the patterns from your backup in Dropbox onto your device :o) If you have any difficulty feel free to send me a message and I'll try to help :o)
  10. I just bought Doodle patterns (and both packs) and doodle organizer. Is there any way to have the 2 extra packs show in the organizer app or do I have to upload my own picture? Thank you.
    • Hi Erin, I'm afraid there's no way to add the extra Doodle Patterns packs into Doodle Organiser at present... I hadn't really considered that might be required! Sorry about that, I'll have a think but I'm not sure quite how I'd manage it! I hope you're enjoying using the apps :)
  11. Will this, doodling together app , ever be available for the Samsung tablets?
    • It seems very unlikely that Doodling Together will come to Android or other platforms any time soon :o( I don't have the technical skills to make the app on Android, and we're currently focused on creating games for Nintendo platforms. There's still a chance that a web version might happen in the future which would be possible for everyone to use... I'm just not sure when it will fit into our schedule!

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