Doodling Together #6 Complete

43 artists from all around the world have worked together to complete another large doodling project :o)


Thank you to all who joined in with the project: adelitab, Allisont15, Bgall, bluesamina84, Bwissbaum, catluvingirl, Charmarose, chris0958, crtail, dlf716, Dusty, Dynesm, ElizabetH123, Flocassam, hilaryshaw1, jellydoodle, Katherine, Kimmiegirl, mbyers02, MichelleOdon, MissTryssa, MNK, MrSheppy, mysteryautum, Nina, pinpalanita, Rinnaden, Sadimar, Sammysue, Shawnanna, Sillebille, Silzy, SnadraD, Solvejen, Strnjbrd, suttonabc, Suzanne2015, TheSieve, Traciek, Trilbycole, Trixey, Vito604, Wren

If you would like to own a copy of the finished artwork you can order prints and fabulous merchandise from Society6 :o)

If you’d like to join in with the next project, head over to the App Store to grab Doodling Together! :o)

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