Doodling Together #3 Complete!

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The third of the random squiggly projects has been completed! :o)


These 39 lovely people were involved in completing the 100 squares: Bevbarnett, brookenich, Bubblyfish, butl3602, Catmurphy, Cenedre, Charmarose, Craftypooks, deniw, eede13, FGmon, Flocassam, GarrettHarmo, HappyLilTurt, henry6407, Hnamken, JML1986, JTC, Katherine, Kcluther, les342, LilSugar, LollyShu, Lucy, magdalena76t, minkins9, MrsG, Opereng, Pegva, prissclark, Rimamariah, sheharm9, Shel85, stephiemc, Susieq1982, Tabathaao, TanglyT, WhimsyByKel, WriterRev :o)

If you’d like to purchase a print or other fabulous merchandise head on over to Society6 :o)

If you’d like to join in with the next project, head over to the App Store to grab Doodling Together! :o)

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