Doodling Together #2

In case you missed it, at the weekend 4 lovely people each tackled a small section of a large string and made an awesome picture together :o)  At the time I titled it “Collaborative Doodle” but that seems a little awkward to say so from now on I’ll be calling it “Doodling Together” which sounds much friendlier :o)

As the 4 sections were snapped up so quickly at the weekend, I’ve made one with 9 pieces this time in the hopes I might get to join in too! ;o)


Leave a comment with the number of the section you would like and I will email you the image without the big number in the middle :o)

I made a new page with helpful hints on how to copy the string onto paper accurately so that it’s easy to line up – Copying Strings  Please give that a read before you start :o)

Once you’ve completed your drawing, send me a scan or photo to and as soon as I have all 9 I will put the image together so we can all admire our handiwork! :o)

Update: All the sections have now been claimed as you can see!  As soon as I’ve had the photos back I will make a new post with the finished image! :o)

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16 comments on “Doodling Together #2

  1. I'm claiming the centre!
  2. May I have top left, no. 1 please?
    • You should have an email with it! :o)
  3. I would like number 4 pls.
    • Email sent with the image :o)
    • I'm willing to do another section. Just let me know.
      • Sections 2,7 & 8 are still available if you'd like to do another one? :o)
  4. Hi, Can I do #3? Thx!
    • You'll find section 3 in your inbox ready to doodle! :o)
    • I will do #3. Will send today
      • Sorry it was done. My mistake
  5. I'd love 6 if still available. :)
    • Section 6 is now on it's way to your email address :o)
    • Hi Christine! How's your square coming along? It's the last one left to complete the drawing! :o)
  6. I wil do section 8
  7. #9 is well under way! I made an error, which will teach me to practice a new pattern & not get too cocky next time, but it still looks good & I'm excited to see how it all comes together!

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