Doodling Together #2 Complete!

This morning I found the final square waiting for me in my email! Hooray! :o)

It was lovely to watch 6 people turn this empty string…


Into this beautiful collaboration :o)


Thanks to Jo, Charma, Alysha, Colette, Meredith and Christine for joining me in creating this lovely picture :o)

Those who participated in this one are already working on the next! Using a new app I’m working on! :o) If you’d like to join in the fun and have an iPhone or iPad then let me know in a comment :o)

I’ll be posting more about the new app soon. It’s still in very early testing but we’ve already started to fill in this giant 100 square doodle! :o)


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6 comments on “Doodling Together #2 Complete!

  1. Wow, it looks fabulous and we managed to get the edges to match up so much better this time! I'm ready for the next one!
  2. I would live to participate in the 100 tile string. You guys are so encouraging.
    • Yay! :o) I've sent you an email with instructions on how to join :o)
  3. Oh, it turned out so beautiful!!! I love it!
  4. I am interested in joining, can you tell me how?
    • Hi Stacey, I've just sent you an email with instructions on how to join in :o)

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