Doodling Together #2 Complete!

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35 people from around the world worked together to make this amazing piece of artwork from 100 separate squares in just over 3 weeks! :o)


Artists: AJP1969, antonia, beebarose, BettyBoop, BudsMom, butl3602, Carolinefm, Charmarose, Craftypooks, dnawrot, Flocassam, Hnamken, Jentangles, jessicapb, JTC, Kaprice, Katherine, Kcluther, Kimya, LouiseEbrey, Lucy, magdalena76t, Mechelle, Minew90, Mongolka, nadioga, prissclark, Rimamariah, RTDice, Sbuchspics, Sindy, Sjmelle, Susieq1982, Willac, WriterRev

You can purchase beautiful art prints and merchandise from Society6 – I love the tote bags! :o)

If you would like to join in with the next project, download the app now! :o)

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