Doodling on Different Surfaces

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Your doodling doesn’t have to be confined to paper! :o)

I bought some white coasters because I thought they would look beautiful with a doodled design.


Unfortunately, I just used a normal Sharpie and despite being permanent ink, it rubs straight off! I haven’t dared touch it since as I don’t want to spoil the design!

For Chris’ Birthday I had a go with some writing icing on his cake :o)


The writing icing was rather awkward so I kept it fairly simple. I’m eager to try again with better icing as I’m sure it would look awesome :o)

Yesterday we took a trip to Hobbycraft and I decided to investigate pens! I came home with one designed to write on porcelain/glass which I haven’t tried yet, and one designed for writing names in clothes so it won’t wash out of fabrics. I also bought a couple of plain fabric pencil cases intended for some other strange sewing craft I didn’t understand! Later, I had made this…


I’ve only done one side so far but I’m really happy with it :o) The pen bleeds a little so you have to be very gentle and careful with the lines, but it came out very well :o)

I can’t wait to try the other pen on another of the coasters :o)

What have you doodled on, other than paper? :o)

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