Doodled Card

I made this card for my Grandma to accompany a pair of gloves if crocheted :o)


I have to admit – working with templates or random strings is so much easier than this was! I find it very hard to just draw and be confident. Although I am very happy with the result :o) It just took an awfully long time compared to other drawings of the same size!

Update: As requested, here’s a photo of the gloves and my grandma happily wearing them :o)


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4 comments on “Doodled Card

  1. I'm sure she loved it! I, in a moment of madness, offered to create tiles for friends and I have an extensive list of requests now! It will keep me very busy!
  2. Where's the picture of the gloves?? :) Love the card. I go thru fits where sometimes templates/random strings are easier then other times they are just as hard. I got to one of the tiles in the Co-Op that had a string I really wanted to do then couldn't figure out WHAT to do in it.. I sat on it for awhile before I could figure out what to do with it. :)
    • Post updated to add photos for you :o) I think the times when I have trouble with strings are when I try to think about it too much :o) If I just let patterns happen at random then it usually turns out fine and without the difficulty of decisions! :o)
  3. I love the gloves! And what a great picture of your grandma wearing them! Great job with the entire package. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm finding myself doing a lot of what Jo said in hitting the 'random' button and usually using what it gave me. I'm not filtering anything so sometimes it doesn't always work. In those cases, I'll write the name down on the side and see if I can use it later or add it in somehow after I get a pattern in. In general, I'm a huge planner and I find myself getting stuck in that process instead of the action of doing.. It's part of why I like this because generally I try not to think while I'm doing them. My brain just doesn't cooperate all the time!

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