Doodle Owl

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Whilst we were eating chicken wings in Hooters the other day Chris suggested I doodle an owl :o) It’s taken a while to get around to as I required a pencil to draw the outline first, but I finally did it :o)


This was surprisingly hard, mostly because I couldn’t decide which patterns would work! I started with the eyes as I knew they needed to have some central focus. Thankfully Chris suggested knyt before I went crazy overthinking it! :o)

For the first time you will see I’ve added a little “signature”! I thought it was about time I learnt to add one to my drawings :o) Now I just need to remember to leave space for it ;o)

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One comment on “Doodle Owl

  1. Lovely! I love how you used beadlines to seperate the top of the head into feathery type things.

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