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I’ve made a new app! :o)

Doodle Organizer is now available from the App Store!

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With this app you can organise your personal library of patterns!  That notebook you have full of patterns, or that folder full of reference cards, can quickly be digitised so you can take them with you anywhere! :o)  Simply take a photo, give it a name, and add some tags.

You can search for a pattern by name, or filter by a number of tags.  If you need a dark pattern and would like it to be grid-based you can easily see a choice of patterns to work from! :o)

There’s even a random button which will come from just the current filter! No more indecisiveness, just more drawing! :o)

Get your copy from the App Store now! :o)  Let me know what you think and if there’s any functionality I’ve missed! :o)  I hope you like it! :o)

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9 comments on “Doodle Organizer

  1. Woohoo!!! purchased... :)
    • Awesome! :o) Let me know what you think :o)
  2. Purchased it and it's great!! I've already adds several other patterns! Great idea. I also bought he doodle together and will be posting a section soon!
  3. I'm loving the new app, added twenty new deigns so far, now to let the randomiser choose my tangling fate!
  4. OK, you distracted me with the Co-op beta testing.. LOL.. but I took some time with this yesterday and I love this. It's exactly what I was hoping for.. one thing though. I use my iPhone and iPad together all the time.. I've entered patterns using my iPhone because I like taking pictures easier with that.. But I tend to like the larger screen on my iPad.. Can we get the ability to join the db of patterns and/or import from one to the other?
    • Hmmm, you're the second person to ask for that functionality! Seems to be something I shall have to investigate! :o) It's not something I've done before, so it might take a little while to work out, but I shall do my best :o)
  5. I'm relatively new to tangling/doodling, I want to design patterns that I can use to etch on jewelry. Is it possible to catalog other digital patterns, from other sources in the Doodle Organizer?
    • Hi Barbara :o) You can use Doodle Organizer to catalogue any kind of photos really :o) You can set up all your own tags too, so there's no reason you couldn't use it for your jewelry designs too :o)
  6. I never thought of using it for my jewelry designs, I could photograph the steps too. Thanks for the idea!

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