Diva Challenge #187

The challenge this week was to draw a string with your eyes closed, which was a bit strange! :o) Here’s my string…


I tried some new patterns – uncorked, maryhill, and kurajong :o)


I enjoyed the freedom of working with an unplanned string :o) How do you draw your strings?

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9 comments on “Diva Challenge #187

  1. lots of lovely white space in your tile. It allows the patterns you have chose to speak vibrantly by themselves. Very nice.
    • Thanks Kia :o) I'm trying hard to embrace white space, it's a bit weird for me! I usually have to fill in every little area with super dense patterns :o)
  2. I'm one of those "super dense patterns" people. Maybe we need a 12 step group for "super dense patterns" people ;-) Nah. You have obviously escaped with this tile. Very nice.
  3. This is so airy...sort of like a sunny kitchen on a summer morning. All of your "new" patterns look so good. Well done!
  4. The tangles you have chosen are lovely in the string.
  5. Lovely tile. Your string is so playful!
  6. This is a lovely tile. I like how you emphasized each pattern you chose.
  7. Your use of auras is inspired and this tile makes me want to try some of those patterns too. Thank you for the introduction.
  8. Beautiful. Lovely attention to whitespsace.

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