Diva Challenge #164 & Joey #5

To celebrate Earth Day I doodled this lovely landscape which includes some mountains making it perfect for the Made by Joey challenge as well as they Diva Challenge! :o)


I am especially proud of this for two reasons. Firstly, I intentionally left white space! Secondly, I remembered to add my signature for the first time in ages! :o)

Thanks to both bloggers for inspiring my drawing :o)

Category: Challenge, Doodle

5 comments on “Diva Challenge #164 & Joey #5

  1. I really like your Earth Day tile because it looks so happy! Nice work. :) Happy tangling, Jacque www.tanglebright.com
  2. This is quite pretty and airy.
  3. I love it!!
  4. Very pleasing and effective. That makes it sound dull but, far from it, you've created a lovely sense of space with restraint - I'm envious!
    • Thank you :o) I find it very hard not to fill every single white space with something! I managed to stop just before I started filling in the mountains and realised it looked good just as it was :o) It also amused me that I'd drawn in the snow, which should be white, and left the shouldn't be white bits blank... :o) hehe :o)

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