Diva Challenge #162

This week the diva challenge is to use your initials as a string :o) As this weekend was our 6 month wedding anniversary and I’ve been using my new initials to sign my drawings (when I remember) I thought I’d best use KN :o) (Although I don’t have a single official document with that name yet!)


I really enjoyed this challenge and used some of my favourite tangles :o) There’s some borbz, betweed, cadent, w2, raile and tripoli :o)

Category: Challenge, Doodle

5 comments on “Diva Challenge #162

  1. Lovely!
  2. Aw, so sweet to be having a six month wedding anniversary! Congratulations. Your initials look lovely!! Axxx
    • Thank you :o) It's seems like "only yesterday" and yet also can't believe it was only 6 months ago! :o)
  3. Congrats! Nice new initials!
  4. Very striking tile. Congratulations on your 6th month anniversary.

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