Diva Challenge #159 & Ornation Creation #37

Well this feels a little like cheating… but the Ornation Creation template this week is a shamrock and the Diva Challenge is to draw something with a St Patrick’s Day theme! :o) One image for both challenges! :o)


I really enjoyed taking a break from my computer to draw this! :o) I didn’t really use any specific patterns, I just started drawing and let it flow :o)

Category: Challenge, Doodle

8 comments on “Diva Challenge #159 & Ornation Creation #37

  1. I really like this! Makes me feel happy when I see the big heart leaves of the shamrock and your bold lines.
  2. very lovely design!
  3. Lovely, I like the circles around it.
  4. Very lovely! Wonderful linework!
  5. Really beautiful line work on this lovely tile.
  6. I love it! with all the different tangles and the way it flows! Thanks so much
  7. Really nice work on your shamrock. Nothing wrong with double dipping :)
  8. excellent so clean and tidy really like your tile

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