Diva Challenge #157

As it’s the first Monday of the month the diva challenge this week is a UMT with Charlie by Erin Olson.

I decided to go a bit Charlie extreme and created a very spiky design! :o)


Category: Challenge, Doodle

10 comments on “Diva Challenge #157

  1. Very cool! Love the wild, jazzy look!
  2. I love it!! Looks like you had so much fun with it! Karen
  3. This tangle reminds me of loud music blaring out of a ghetto blaster. I like it a lot! Very fun!
    • Loud music blaring out of a boom box - that's exactly what I thought when I saw this!!! Very cool piece - it would be really cool blown up super huge & used as graphic art.
  4. Very nice! Lively and vibrant drawing. :)
  5. I can tell the you loved working with Charlie. It is a striking way to use it in your work as a monotangle! No easy task to keep your tiles straight in your mind for the contrast of black and white. Bravo!
  6. Wow! Such fun and so vibrant!
  7. It is extreme but works brilliantly! Axxx
  8. Wow, STUNNING!!!!
  9. Really gorgeous!! So expressive and vibrant!

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