Diva Challenge #156

This week the Diva Challenge is “Curvy Gridlock” – drawing grid based patterns on curved grids! :o)

My grids are often a bit wonky so I tried to be even more curvy than usual :o)


I think I’ll be drawing nzeppel with extra curvy grids more often – I really like the effect :o)

Category: Challenge, Doodle

7 comments on “Diva Challenge #156

  1. Wow, what a fabulous example of how curvy adds to a tile! Love your result!
  2. You've certainly achieved lots of curves, nicely done.
  3. I love all your curves! It looks like you were having so much fun and it turned out great!Karen
  4. You certainly did make it curvy and still use a variety of tangles.
  5. The are waving, very well done.
  6. Beautiful movement in this tile! Your Cubine is great!
  7. Great example for this weeks challenge. Very curvy and beautiful

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