Diva Challenge #155

This week the challenge was a real challenge for me… “A little white space


I’ll be honest, it feels like I haven’t finished yet… But I’m not sure what else to do without losing the white space completely! It’s a bit weird :o)

Maybe I’ll have to try some more to get the hang of this “white space” thing! :o)

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10 comments on “Diva Challenge #155

  1. I think it looks lovely! I do understand how you feel about not feeling like it's finished though. Perhaps you could echo the pattern? Um, not sure how to explain this. Draw an aura type line an inch or so from the edge of what you have, and fill up the other half of the page, but leaving a nice white blank border in the middle? Does that make sense?
  2. I like to think that leaving some white space gives your tangles breathing space :) I love how you used all 3 Diva Dances inside your loops!
    • Thanks Kathy :o) I'll have to try and let my tangles breathe more... Even when I encounter open patterns I feel a need to fill in any empty spaces! ;o)
  3. I like this!!!! Diva Dance in the loops is great and I love the shading at the bottom.
    • I would love to claim the shading is really there... But honestly, it was a very quickly taken photo and blog post as I was about to board a plane and I think my thumb got in the way! Hehe :o)
  4. Annemarie said exactly what I was thinking. Your happy-accident shadow or thumb gave the composition the balance that you may not be seeing just looking at the page. Maybe you could try adding that balance now and find yourself satisfied with a lovely piece...?
  5. I like this one, very nicely drawn.
  6. I like the space that was left.... maybe a bit of shading along the edge to set the tangle side apart a little bit? I also love the diva dancing loops!
  7. for me it is perfect just the way it is!
    • Thanks! :o)

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