Diva Challenge #154

This week the diva’s challenge was to create a Valentangle – what a lovely word :o)


I really like how this one came out :o) I started by drawing the ever growing hearts and then filled in each section with a different pattern :o)

I realised I have some other heart related doodles I’ve not posted before so here’s two more! :o)



That last one was my first large drawing outside of the book I started learning from! :o)

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9 comments on “Diva Challenge #154

  1. All 3 are just wonderful!
    • Thanks Danni :o)
  2. Wow - really great heart tangling! Love the complexities of the first one. Axxx
    • Thanks Annie :o) It took quite a lot of my day in between other things! Really happy with how it turned out :o)
  3. Love the different tangle bands surrounding your first heart.
    • Thanks Kate! Yours are lovely too! I've never tried working with colours but yours make me want to try! :o)
  4. This has been a lot of work, with a beautiful result.
  5. I LOVE all the different hearts you have created!!!! Good Job!!
    • Thanks Mary :o) I've just seen this week is "white space" - that's definitely going to be a challenge for me, I tend to make rather dense doodles! :o)

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