Diva Challenge #152

20140131-230820.jpgAs I now have a suitable blog to post my images on I thought I’d try joining in the weekly challenge over on I am the diva

This week the challenge was to use the new Zentangle Aquafleur.

This isn’t a tangle style I would normal try – I like patterns to fill spaces usually. So this was quite a difficult one for me but I think I like the result :o)

The filler I used was based on a wall I saw earlier today :o)

Category: Doodle

8 comments on “Diva Challenge #152

  1. Looks pretty! I don't like a lot of the patterns with curves. I can never get them quite right.
    • Thanks :o) The problem I had was that I drew one in the middle of the page and was stumped as to what to do next! Much easier to section up the page and fill in the spaces with patterns... this was a bit different! I liked it though, I'm sure I'll try doing more like this in future :o)
  2. I love the boldness of your style, the lines look so deliberate. Great job!
    • Thanks Emily! :o)
  3. Yes, you can be pleased with this one; it's beautiful!
    • Thank you! :o)
  4. Such fun variations! I especially like the one on the lower right that has the sharper edges underneath. I haven't seen any others like this. So pretty.
    • Thank you :o) I'm glad you like it :o)

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