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With each new pack for Doodle Patterns I like to include at least one or two patterns which are my very own creations. Inside Pack 4 you’ll find a pattern called banq which I developed after spotting this awesome pattern on a ceiling:

banq inspiration

Firstly I had to work out if I could draw it at all! Here’s one of the early rough attempts which wasn’t too embarrassing to share! ;o)


Then the pattern needed breaking down into repeatable steps, each of which needs to be simple! There’s nothing worse to me than a pattern step which seems to be “now draw a bird” like it’s the easiest thing in the world. There are a few interesting curves to draw, but I think with a little practise this is easy enough to follow :o) I hope so anyway!

Here are my final steps for banq – I’d love to see your drawings using this pattern :o)


Have you ever tried to deconstruct a pattern yourself? Where do you find your pattern inspiration? :o)

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