Copying Strings

For the Doodling Together collaborative drawing challenges it’s quite important to make your strings line up! I’m not going to tell anyone that they’re doing their art “wrong”, but obviously it’s easier for me to make the collage if things line up nicely :o)

So here I will provide some hints and tips for getting the string onto your paper! :o)


First up, the easiest way is to print out the square. If you have a printer, and don’t mind drawing on that kind of paper, then just print out the image to the size you want to draw and fill it in! :o)

If you don’t have a printer or can’t print on the paper you like to use then I have a couple of suggestions :o)

If you have a square of paper which you intend to fill entirely with the drawing then this is probably the best method for you:

On a screen, zoom into the image until it is just larger than your square of paper. Place your paper over the image and then very gently mark the ends of the lines with a pencil. Be very careful not to apply pressure to your screen, or to draw on it! :o)


On my iPhone I have to line up one half at a time and mark the strings I can see – a little more fiddly but not too bad :o)


Once you have the ends of the lines you can then free-hand the lines themselves. It doesn’t matter too much if the lines don’t match, but the ends need to join up with the next square correctly :o)

If you don’t want to draw to the very edge of the paper then you’re probably going to need a ruler! Measure your square and then zoom the image to be the same size on screen. With your ruler measure where the ends of the lines are, and then mark them on the edge of your square on the paper.

Again, just join the lines up as closely to the image as possible. As long as they start and end in the right places, the actual overlaps don’t matter too much :o)

If you have any more suggestions for copying the images onto paper accurately, I’d love to hear them! :o)

10 comments on “Copying Strings

  1. Would be good to have printer friendly instructions :)
    • I hadn't even considered how the blog might print! If you have a printer, printing the string that comes to your email as a pdf is easiest though. If you need the more complex instructions it's surely because you don't have a printer? ;o)
  2. You are of course correct the simplest way is just print the square.
  3. Thank you for your help
  4. the thing you could do if you don't like drawing on printer paper is still print out the lines on the printer paper then take your desired material to draw on and trace over the image with the desired material laying underneath. make sure your drawing tool is sharp and press just a little bit firmer and you will leave a slight indent in the paper below. then you have the paper you want to draw on and the location of where the lines need to be.
    • Hi Dorothy, that's rather a clever idea! :o)
  5. I wanted to use my artist trading cards--3 1/2" x 2 1/2". Will these work or do they have to be square?
    • Hi, I'm afraid that for Doodling Together you need to work on a square, preferably by printing out the PDF you receive when you claim a square in the project. I suppose you could transfer the square onto an ATC and then only photograph part of it... but you need to complete the whole square :)
  6. Hi! I have an iPad and an hp computer running windows 7 connected to an Epsom workforce 600 and an HP LaserJet P1606dn PCL. I signed up for doodling together and my fence square on my iPad (I'm still on a trial period). When trying to add a new device to the computer's network it says the device has to be running windows 7 which the iPad is obviously not and most likely unable to. I don't have an Air Printer or any other MAC stuff to sceptic for a 4.3 iPhone and the cables that come with the iPhone and pad.... My only thought is to connect the iPad to the epsons USB port or to use the scanner on the epson to take a screenshot of my square but I am having trouble even getting a screen pic of the blank square to doodle. Can you help please? Thanks (I don't trust myself to write overtop my iPad without hurting it)
  7. By the way, I did not receive an email Pdf of my square. If I do, I can print it out no problem. It is the square all the way to the left one up from the bottom (where the asterisk is in the not-to-scale example below) on the new "G" design. My email is found above xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx *xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

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