Collaborative Doodle Complete!

This morning I awoke to find the final piece of the drawing in my mail! :o) I have stuck them all together and can now reveal the completed picture…

Completed Collaboration 1

Yay! :o)

We have Alysha top left, Jo top right, Trisha bottom left and Colette bottom right :o) Lots of lovely tangling :o)

Clearly some sections line up better than others, and I needed to do some colour balancing to make all the blacks and white a bit more similar, but I certainly think the final result looks good :o) Yay! :o)

I actually had a bit of a play with some friends at the weekend by taking a piece of card, drawing a string across the whole thing, and then cutting it into 4 pieces. None of them had ever drawn in this way before and I just handed them each a pen and a device running Doodle Patterns and let them play :o)

Collaborative Doodle 2

More lovely tangling! :o) Clearly this lines up better, particularly as I took the photo of all 4 together ;o)

Obviously I don’t want to insist everyone prints out their section to draw as not everyone has a printer, but I wonder how we can get things to line up better. If you have any bright ideas I’d love to hear them! :o)

So, who would like to try this again? :o) Leave a comment if you would like to join in and I will email you a section :o) The size of the finished piece depends upon how many people join in the doodling! :o)

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5 comments on “Collaborative Doodle Complete!

  1. they both look fantastic! i'd definitely be up for participating in another one. to get the string to match, how about directions for drawing the string. "draw a line from corner to corner, then one from the other corner diagonally" Who did the bottom one?
    • The bottom piece was drawn by me, Chris, Nikki and Mike :o) I suspected you'd want to do another :o) I figure some instructions about zooming the image to be slightly larger than your tile, and then marking where the strings should end on the edge of your tile is important. If doesn't really matter if the lines in the middle aren't exactly as the original, as long as they end at the right places so they line up. I'll have to take some photos to explain I think :o)
  2. I love the finished result and would definitely want to participate again. I reproduced my section just by eye, (which appears to be a bit off!) and would have appreciated it if the original string was drawn on squared/gridded paper to get a clearer idea of the relation to the edges and other lines. Though I'll concede squared paper isn't very Zentangle!
  3. I love the finished result as well! I would love to participate in another one. It would definetly be easier to print out the string. Next time I would have to find a printers get to. Thanks for the chance to participate!
  4. I had fun! Thanks for letting me participate! :-)

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