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Rixty Exploration

I was doodling whilst we played boardgames last night and this appeared :o)


Apparently I had remembered the pattern from the latest newsletter from Rick & Maria :o)

As they didn’t share their step outs in the email I thought I’d share mine here. Along with some explorations of variations :o)


I’m looking forward to seeing their directions for the tangle. I have no idea whether they will be the same or different to mine :o)

I could be using this post to highlight the nonsense of copyright issues surrounding tangle patterns, but I don’t want to cause any arguments on my blog :o) So I shall refrain and just share my drawings :o)

Update: I’ve share this for the Diva Challenge #163 :o) Hello to everyone coming here from there :o)

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Here’s another one of my designs which was first made available in Doodle Patterns :o) This one was also based on a carpet pattern I saw whilst on holiday in Vegas :o)


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For those of you without the Doodle Patterns app, here’s one of my patterns which I don’t think I’ve ever seen anywhere else! :o)  This pattern was created by simplifying a carpet pattern I saw in a casino in Vegas :o)


I’ve used it in a number of my drawings and I really enjoy how the simple steps create something intricate :o)  Although not as intricate as the original carpet design! ;o)


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Naming Patterns

Whilst I’ve been away I’ve been drawing a lot of new patterns based on things I’ve seen – carpets, architecture, all sorts of things! :o)  I’ve included some of these in the next update to the app which led to the interesting challenge of names!

I’ve discovered in the past that sometimes when I create a new pattern, some one else has already made it and given it a name.  In my app you’ll find this pattern:



After I’d added this my friend said, “Hey, that looks just like Quiltz” and there was my pattern, already drawn by Kym Barlow!  Her steps are even identical to mine!  What a surprise! :o)

I often browse Tangle Patterns to check to see if a pattern I’ve made has already been named by someone else, and I try to use those names where I can to make it easier for people to look up the patterns by name for further inspiration :o)

So here are my “new” patterns with their slightly crazy names thanks to Chris :o)  If you recognise any of these patterns as having other names, please do let me know!















These will be available in the Doodle Patterns app as soon as Apple approve it – hopefully not too long :o)

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