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Creating Patterns

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With each new pack for Doodle Patterns I like to include at least one or two patterns which are my very own creations. Inside Pack 4 you’ll find a pattern called banq which I developed after spotting this awesome pattern on a ceiling:

banq inspiration

Firstly I had to work out if I could draw it at all! Here’s one of the early rough attempts which wasn’t too embarrassing to share! ;o)


Then the pattern needed breaking down into repeatable steps, each of which needs to be simple! There’s nothing worse to me than a pattern step which seems to be “now draw a bird” like it’s the easiest thing in the world. There are a few interesting curves to draw, but I think with a little practise this is easy enough to follow :o) I hope so anyway!

Here are my final steps for banq – I’d love to see your drawings using this pattern :o)


Have you ever tried to deconstruct a pattern yourself? Where do you find your pattern inspiration? :o)

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Doodling on Different Surfaces

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Your doodling doesn’t have to be confined to paper! :o)

I bought some white coasters because I thought they would look beautiful with a doodled design.


Unfortunately, I just used a normal Sharpie and despite being permanent ink, it rubs straight off! I haven’t dared touch it since as I don’t want to spoil the design!

For Chris’ Birthday I had a go with some writing icing on his cake :o)


The writing icing was rather awkward so I kept it fairly simple. I’m eager to try again with better icing as I’m sure it would look awesome :o)

Yesterday we took a trip to Hobbycraft and I decided to investigate pens! I came home with one designed to write on porcelain/glass which I haven’t tried yet, and one designed for writing names in clothes so it won’t wash out of fabrics. I also bought a couple of plain fabric pencil cases intended for some other strange sewing craft I didn’t understand! Later, I had made this…


I’ve only done one side so far but I’m really happy with it :o) The pen bleeds a little so you have to be very gentle and careful with the lines, but it came out very well :o)

I can’t wait to try the other pen on another of the coasters :o)

What have you doodled on, other than paper? :o)

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Carpet Inspired Doodle


The string for this doodle was drawn by my Mother before we came on holiday. The patterns were mostly inspired by the multitude of carpet designs here in Vegas! :o)


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Inspirational Photos

Since starting this doodling I’ve found myself looking for patterns all around me. Sometimes a carpet catches my eye, or a wallpaper, or curtains.

At present I’m on holiday in Vegas and I’m taking some rather strange holiday snaps! :o)


Each casino has a different crazy carpet! One of those is a table top pattern under glass! At the spa today they had a whole array of different tile patterns! :o)

I can’t wait to turn some of these into doodle patterns! :o)

Do you draw inspiration from things around you? :o)

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