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Bubbles Complete!

The third Mandala has just been completed by the Doodling Together group! :o)


You can purchase prints, tote bags, duvet covers, wall clocks, and other fabulous items with this lovely doodle on over here: Society6.

If you would like to join in with the next project you’ll need to download Doodling Together – share your passion for doodles and help create something awesome! :o)

Thanks to the 41 artists involved: AndGrl89, Batty, Becky, Bgall, Carippin, Caryl, ChaosCoyote, Charmarose, Colette0101, Colorglass03, Craftyowl, Defyodds, DoodleMag, ElizabetH123, Fedele5, Flocassam, Jarvis, Katherine, Kimmiegirl, Lauracate, lcgdash, mbyers02, melbbit, Melwandelt, Moe, Mrsspartan, Nanct, Nina, Nutmeg3503, PennyRae, petra28, Pvtriosk, Shawnanna, Shellbart, Tanglekids, TheSieve, Trilbycole, Trixey, Ulrike, Ursulane, WriterRev

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Doodled Butterfly

I found this butterfly template on my clipboard the other day and couldn’t resist filling it with doodles :o)


The template is one of Ben Kwok’s from the Ornation Creation group over on Facebook :o) I highly recommend joining as he shares lots of lovely templates which are great fun to use :o)

Do you ever use a template for your doodling?

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Diva Challenge #200

My first doodle in a long time and it’s to celebrate the Diva’s 200th challenge! :o)

Laura asked us to use our favourite tangle and put the number 200 somewhere in the piece. So here’s mine :o)


I used 200 to make a string and then filled it with lots of nzeppel :o)

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Diva Challenge #188

This week the challenge is in support of National Coming Out Day on October 11th


I used LGBT as the string and then liflr, gingham, beau, ticking and lazyeights :o)

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Diva Challenge #187

The challenge this week was to draw a string with your eyes closed, which was a bit strange! :o) Here’s my string…


I tried some new patterns – uncorked, maryhill, and kurajong :o)


I enjoyed the freedom of working with an unplanned string :o) How do you draw your strings?

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Diva Challenge #186

Leaves! :o)


It’s been a long while since I’ve done a Diva Challenge! It was really good to draw in my notebook again and to just relax and let the patterns come :o)

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A Doodled Square!

I have been spending my free time mostly sorting out the Cutout Letters project which completed recently in Doodling Together but tonight I decided I really wanted to draw! It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve drawn anything!


I’m really rather happy with this drawing :o) Happy to have it in the middle of the lower case k on the next project.

Now I’d better get back to those capital letters! I’ve only got 3 left and then I can show you all! :o)

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Doodled Squares

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The Letter B is coming along very nicely :o) Here’s my latest square for it and for Cutout Letters :o)



Some new patterns in there I was trying out :o)

In other news today, I’ve set up an Instagram page for Doodling Together :o)

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A 2 Z Challenge

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To celebrate her new book, Judy issued a fun challenge to decorate the cover :o)


These are very fun party letters! :o) I love the idea of the book providing templates for letters to decorate :o)

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Doodle Squares

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Here’s a couple of my squares for the current Doodling Together projects :o)



If you’d like to join in with the project you can download the app :o)

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