Bubbles Complete!

The third Mandala has just been completed by the Doodling Together group! :o)


You can purchase prints, tote bags, duvet covers, wall clocks, and other fabulous items with this lovely doodle on over here: Society6.

If you would like to join in with the next project you’ll need to download Doodling Together – share your passion for doodles and help create something awesome! :o)

Thanks to the 41 artists involved: AndGrl89, Batty, Becky, Bgall, Carippin, Caryl, ChaosCoyote, Charmarose, Colette0101, Colorglass03, Craftyowl, Defyodds, DoodleMag, ElizabetH123, Fedele5, Flocassam, Jarvis, Katherine, Kimmiegirl, Lauracate, lcgdash, mbyers02, melbbit, Melwandelt, Moe, Mrsspartan, Nanct, Nina, Nutmeg3503, PennyRae, petra28, Pvtriosk, Shawnanna, Shellbart, Tanglekids, TheSieve, Trilbycole, Trixey, Ulrike, Ursulane, WriterRev

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