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Creating Patterns

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With each new pack for Doodle Patterns I like to include at least one or two patterns which are my very own creations. Inside Pack 4 you’ll find a pattern called banq which I developed after spotting this awesome pattern on a ceiling:

banq inspiration

Firstly I had to work out if I could draw it at all! Here’s one of the early rough attempts which wasn’t too embarrassing to share! ;o)


Then the pattern needed breaking down into repeatable steps, each of which needs to be simple! There’s nothing worse to me than a pattern step which seems to be “now draw a bird” like it’s the easiest thing in the world. There are a few interesting curves to draw, but I think with a little practise this is easy enough to follow :o) I hope so anyway!

Here are my final steps for banq – I’d love to see your drawings using this pattern :o)


Have you ever tried to deconstruct a pattern yourself? Where do you find your pattern inspiration? :o)

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Doodle Patterns v1.60

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A new update to Doodle Patterns went live over the weekend to add in the fourth pack of extra patterns! :o) There are now over 350 patterns available in the app (if you purchase all of the extra packs). Here’s a little glimpse at some of the extra patterns available :o)

Pack1 Pack2 Pack3 Pack4

We updated both the iOS and Android versions, and also fixed the problem some Android users were seeing with pack purchases misbehaving. Make sure you grab the update! :o)


The new patterns were drawn using an Apple Pencil and an iPad rather than by hand. This sped up the conversion process, with the added benefit of all the steps being perfectly aligned and much smoother lines :o) I really like the new steps and I hope you do too!

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