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Art In Action

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Today’s completed project is a little different to usual, as it wasn’t created by the normal group of artists! I was contacted by Art In Action and asked if I could create a private project for them to use at their Gala event. Here’s the result! :o)


The artwork is so wonderfully different without my usual rule enforcement ;o) I love how some people used the shapes to decide what to draw (can you spot the shark?) and others just drew what they fancied (I love the space shuttle!) There are some lovely examples of the more usual doodling in some of the squares too! :o)

Purchase a Print from Society6.

If you would like to join in with the next project you’ll need to download Doodling Together – share your passion for doodles and help create something awesome! :o)

If you’d like to setup a private project for a special occasion, feel free to contact me! :o)

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