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Doodled Butterfly

I found this butterfly template on my clipboard the other day and couldn’t resist filling it with doodles :o)


The template is one of Ben Kwok’s from the Ornation Creation group over on Facebook :o) I highly recommend joining as he shares lots of lovely templates which are great fun to use :o)

Do you ever use a template for your doodling?

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Doodling Together #4 Complete!

35 artists from all around the world have worked together to complete another large doodling project :o)

Doodling Together #4

Thank you to all who joined in with the project: Angelbear, Artsycjm, Becky, Becstar, Carippin, Caryl, Cassie, Celestlkiddy, ChaosCoyote, Charmarose, Chieri, Colette0101, Dawnlawty, Elsa, Fedele5, Flocassam, Floralie, Ginja2330, Inishneee, Katherine, Kathie, Looholmes, Mchadsey, Mjtervet, NurseBea, PureJoye, RTDice, sdfrog, Shawnanna, SleepyBuddha, TC93, TheSieve, Ulrike, Ursulane, WhimsyByKel

If you would like to own a copy of the finished artwork you can order prints and fabulous merchandise from Society6 :o)

If you’d like to join in with the next project, head over to the App Store to grab Doodling Together! :o)

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Diva Challenge #200

My first doodle in a long time and it’s to celebrate the Diva’s 200th challenge! :o)

Laura asked us to use our favourite tangle and put the number 200 somewhere in the piece. So here’s mine :o)


I used 200 to make a string and then filled it with lots of nzeppel :o)

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Gallery Photos #15

Starting the new year with a catch up on the wonderful doodles uploaded to the Doodle Patterns gallery at the end of last year :o)

If you’d like to see some of the other awesome doodles people have shared through the app, check out the all the Gallery posts.

Don’t forget to download Doodle Patterns to have a library of patterns in your pocket! Plus, then you can share your artwork too :o)

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