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Gallery Photos #14

It’s time to admire some more gorgeous artwork which has been shared in the Doodle Patterns gallery! :o)

If you’d like to see some of the other awesome doodles people have shared through the app, check out the all the Gallery posts.

Don’t forget to download Doodle Patterns to have a library of patterns in your pocket! Plus, then you can share your artwork too :o)

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Diva Challenge #187

The challenge this week was to draw a string with your eyes closed, which was a bit strange! :o) Here’s my string…


I tried some new patterns – uncorked, maryhill, and kurajong :o)


I enjoyed the freedom of working with an unplanned string :o) How do you draw your strings?

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Diva Challenge #186

Leaves! :o)


It’s been a long while since I’ve done a Diva Challenge! It was really good to draw in my notebook again and to just relax and let the patterns come :o)

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Christmas Cards Kickstarter Campaign

I know it’s rather early to be thinking about Christmas already, but I have fabulous plans for beautiful doodled Christmas cards! :o)

The Doodling Together group are already busy drawing amazing squares for the cards – here’s the progress so far :o)

Tree-1 Snowman-1

Don’t they look great already? I’m so impressed with the scarf pattern on the snowman being continuous across 4 squares! :o)

If you would like to get your hands on these beautiful cards just head over to Kickstarter and back the project :o) You can get 12 lovely cards with envelopes for just £10 (about $16) if you back quickly! That includes shipping to wherever you are in the world in time for Chritmas! To start with there will be 3 cards each of 4 designs, if we happen to make a lot of extra money we’ll do an extra 2 designs so you get even more variety :o)

There’s still plenty of time to join in with the project too! I’ve limited these to only 1 square per person so that every one can have a chance to draw :o) Download Doodling Together today and claim a square!

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The Letter C Complete!

The Doodling Together group have completed the Letter C and it looks fabulous! :o)


Thanks to these 31 wonderful people for being a part of it: akt70, brookenich, BudsMom, Cags52, Charmarose, Colette0101, Craftyowl, Craftypooks, DiscoKittie, Dusty, eede13, FGmon, Flocassam, HappyLilTurt, Helsby, henry6407, Hnamken, Jhfloyd, JML1986, JTC, Julsmom, Katherine, Katzie, les342, Lrichard, NightOwl, Russ71, TheSieve, tryn2bloom, Ulrike, Zozie

If you’d like to purchase a print or other fabulous merchandise head on over to Society6 :o)

If you’d like to join in with the next project, head over to the App Store to grab Doodling Together! :o)

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Cutout Letters Links

I have uploaded each of the individual letters to Society6 so that you can purchase prints or other items with a single letter if you wish :o) Here are links to each of the letters!


Buy Print of Letter A

Buy Print of Letter B

Buy Print of Letter B

Buy Print of Letter C

Buy Print of Letter C

Buy Print of Letter D

Buy Print of Letter D

Buy Print of Letter E

Buy Print of Letter F

Buy Print of Letter G

Buy Print of Letter H

Buy Print of Letter I

Buy Print of Letter J

Buy Print of Letter K

Buy Print of Letter L

Buy Print of Letter M

Buy Print of Letter N

Buy Print of Letter O

Buy Print of Letter P

Buy Print of Letter Q

Buy Print of Letter R

Buy Print of Letter S

Buy Print of Letter T

Buy Print of Letter U

Buy Print of Letter V

Buy Print of Letter W

Buy Print of Letter X

Buy Print of Letter Y

Buy Print of Letter Z

I can create something custom just for you, like this bag Jo requested:

Just send me a message and we can work together on something special :o)

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Cutout Letters 1 Complete!

I have finally finished tidying up this epic project! Over 700 squares in total across the 26 letters!


The overview poster of all the letters doesn’t show off the amazing detail in each letter – here’s the K for closer inspection :o)


This project took 3 months and involved 81 artists from all over the world: akt70, AnnieOP, antonia, Ashmoreau, beebarose, BettyBoop, Bici, Bubblyfish, BudsMom, Cags52, Caryl, Cenedre, Charmarose, Cobaltkitty, Colette0101, Craftypooks, deniw, DiscoKittie, dLoren, Dusty, eede13, Emily, Fallingstar, FGmon, Flocassam, Gayle, HappyLilTurt, henry6407, Hnamken, Jazz, jessicapb, Jhfloyd, JML1986, JTC, Julsmom, Katherine, Kcluther, Kdubya88, les342, LilSugar, LouiseEbrey, Lucy, magdalena76t, Mechelle, minkins9, mom2aak, Mousetrap, NadineHovde, Nursedina, Olliezen, Opereng, Paulvick4, Pegva, prissclark, Quickanimato, Rimamariah, RTDice, Russ71, Sarosong, Sbuchspics, sdfrog, Sem44, Shaminia, Shel85, Sindy, Sjmelle, stephiemc, Susieq1982, Ta2me, Tabathaao, tanglejen, TanglyT, TheSieve, tina1161, Tine, TrishaW, tryn2bloom, Ulrike, WhimsyByKel, wnjramos, WriterRev.

I will be taking custom orders for letter magnets, and stickers, and requests for items to upload to Society6. If you’d like something just get in touch :o)

If you’d like to join in with the next project, download Doodling Together now! :o)

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A Doodled Square!

I have been spending my free time mostly sorting out the Cutout Letters project which completed recently in Doodling Together but tonight I decided I really wanted to draw! It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve drawn anything!


I’m really rather happy with this drawing :o) Happy to have it in the middle of the lower case k on the next project.

Now I’d better get back to those capital letters! I’ve only got 3 left and then I can show you all! :o)

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