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Mandala 1 Complete!

The Doodling Together group have completed another fabulous project – this time a mandala :o)


Thanks to these wonderful 39 people for being a part of it: antonia, Averymom, Bubblyfish, Cags52, Caryl, Charmarose, CherWarner, Craftypooks, eede13, Flocassam, Gayle, HappyLilTurt, henry6407, Hnamken, Jazz, jes649, JML1986, JTC, Julsmom, Katherine, les342, Lucy, magdalena76t, minkins9, mom2aak, NadineHovde, Rimamariah, RTDice, Sarosong, sdfrog, stephiemc, Suew, Susieq1982, Tabathaao, tanglejen, TanglyT, TheSieve, Ulrike, WriterRev

If you’d like to purchase a print or other fabulous merchandise head on over to Society6 :o)

If you’d like to join in with the next project, head over to the App Store to grab Doodling Together! :o)

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Gallery Photos #13

We’ve just passed 500 uploads in the Doodle Patterns gallery! Wow! :o) Here’s the newest uploads :o)

If you’d like to see some of the other awesome doodles people have shared through the app, check out the Gallery category.

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