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The next Doodling Together projects are storming along! Here are a couple of my squares for them :o)



I’m already busy levelling DT2 and then we’re working on a set of cutout letters :o)

If you want to join in, download Doodling Together from the App Store :o)

Tackle It Tuesday #13

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Here’s my M tangle for Cheryl’s weekly challenge :o)


I’ve used maelstrom, mumsy, me3 and mulhouse blooms :o)

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Diva Challenge #168 & Joey Challenge #9

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I used one of the squares from the current Doodling Together project for both challenges this week :o)


The Diva challenge was to use the rain tangle and Joey wanted us to use the queens crown tangle :o) I really enjoyed playing with both tangles :o)

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The Letter A Complete!

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The second project in Doodling Together was a letter A and the last square was finished this evening! :o)


Over 30 people joined in with this project! :o) Some people only did 1 square, most completed between 2 and 6, whilst one person managed 17! Wow! :o)

Well done to…

amflood, antonia, Artfulmimi, Ashocon26, beebarose, Bubblyfish, BudsMom, butl3602, Carolinefm, Charmarose, Charocon29, CPW, ELMStocker, Heps, Hnamken, Jazz, Jolager, JTC, Kaprice, Katherine, Lucy, magdalena76t, Mechelle, Minew90, Mongolka, prissclark, Rimamariah, RTDice, Sbuchspics, Sjmelle, Susieq1982, Wigwagwiggy and WriterRev

your drawings have all come together beautifully! :o)

If your name happens to begin with an A, or you just think the final artwork is awesome like I do, you can order prints and merchandise over on Society6 :o)

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Ornation Creation #31 – Heart Mandala

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I’ve finally finished another one of Ben Kwok’s beautiful templates :o) I have a number in progress but seem to struggle completing them. This one kept me distracted whilst waiting for Chris at the hospital today.


I’m really happy with the way this one turned out :o) Hopefully this will encourage me to finish the others!!

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Gallery Photos #10

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More awesome images have been uploaded to the Doodle Patterns gallery since the last post! :o) I’m really impressed by the variety and there are some truly gorgeous pieces here! :o)

Don’t forget to check out the Gallery category to view all of the images shared through Doodle Patterns! :o)

Thanks to everyone who has been sharing their work in the app! If you see your artwork here please do leave a comment and let me know who you are! :o) If you have a blog or other site you’d like me to add a link to, just let me know! :o)

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Tackle It Tuesday #12

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Here’s my L actually on time this week! Yay! :o)


Thanks to Cheryl for the continued challenge. I’ve use leaflet, lilypads, looplopp, loops, lotus pods and lucky charms :o)

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Tackle It Tuesday #11

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Apparently when I’m well organised and draw the letter in advance I then forget to post it! Whoops! :o)


Here’s my K for last week :o) Thanks for the challenge Cheryl! :o) Now I’d better get L done too! :o)

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I’ve been struggling a little with doodle block lately, hence the lack of drawings. So I decided to step away from the challenges and just draw something random :o)


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Doodling on Different Surfaces

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Your doodling doesn’t have to be confined to paper! :o)

I bought some white coasters because I thought they would look beautiful with a doodled design.


Unfortunately, I just used a normal Sharpie and despite being permanent ink, it rubs straight off! I haven’t dared touch it since as I don’t want to spoil the design!

For Chris’ Birthday I had a go with some writing icing on his cake :o)


The writing icing was rather awkward so I kept it fairly simple. I’m eager to try again with better icing as I’m sure it would look awesome :o)

Yesterday we took a trip to Hobbycraft and I decided to investigate pens! I came home with one designed to write on porcelain/glass which I haven’t tried yet, and one designed for writing names in clothes so it won’t wash out of fabrics. I also bought a couple of plain fabric pencil cases intended for some other strange sewing craft I didn’t understand! Later, I had made this…


I’ve only done one side so far but I’m really happy with it :o) The pen bleeds a little so you have to be very gentle and careful with the lines, but it came out very well :o)

I can’t wait to try the other pen on another of the coasters :o)

What have you doodled on, other than paper? :o)

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