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Tackle It Tuesday #7

Continuing the theme from Cheryl, this week is G! :o)


I’ve used golven, good joss, gayte and girdy for my G :o)

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Diva Challenge #162

This week the diva challenge is to use your initials as a string :o) As this weekend was our 6 month wedding anniversary and I’ve been using my new initials to sign my drawings (when I remember) I thought I’d best use KN :o) (Although I don’t have a single official document with that name yet!)


I really enjoyed this challenge and used some of my favourite tangles :o) There’s some borbz, betweed, cadent, w2, raile and tripoli :o)

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Tackle It Tuesday #6

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It would appear I’m a week behind with my doodling! Here is last week’s challenge from Cheryl which was to use only tangles starting with F.


I’ve used fenetre, fleuri, flourish, funf, footlights and floatfest. All new tangles to me :o)

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Gallery Photos #6

Wow! Another huge selection of photos have been added! I clearly need to do these gallery posts every week rather than every 2! :o)

Tapping on an image will take you through to its own page where you can leave comments :o) If some of these are yours then do please leave comments and let me know – it’s great to get to know you all! :o)

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Diva Challenge #161

This week the challenge is to explore quandary, a difficult tangle to draw! I decided to try a monotangle using a number of different variations and different ways to draw.


I found it easier to draw by the end of the challenge :o)

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